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Free Trial

Deciding whether to add a 360° virtual tour to your website can be a tricky affair; until you actually have a 360 ° virtual tour on your website how can you be certain it will be a useful marketing tool? At Panaround, we have developed an opportunity that eradicates the element of risk and gives the answers you need without having to part with a single penny.

A FREE 4 week trial – here’s how it works;

The free trial offer is as simple as it is brilliant – a Panaround photographer captures your venue and adds the images to your very own branded webpage. Previews of your 360° virtual tours will be emailed to you for your approval. Once you’re happy, the completed webpages are published on the Panaround server and made available to link to from your website. You can feature the 360° virtual tours as enticing interactive thumbnails within your website. From there why not inform affiliate websites of the 360° virtual tours, feature them within your facebook page and tweet about them to all your followers? Just some of the ways you can promote your business with a Panaround 360° virtual tour.

Throughout the course of the 4 week trial you will have access to our Google Analytics account where you’ll be able to track the performance of the 360° virtual tour webpages. This information will help in your decision to purchase the 360° virtual tours when the trial expires.

Beyond the free trial you have the opportunity to purchase the files if you wish to but there’s no obligation and we do not even take a deposit payment. Hard to believe but there really is no catch.

Click here to view a live free trial


Because our competitors are sneaky and reading this too we do not publish our prices on the website – but if you want to know how much our 360° virtual tours cost, just give us a call and we’ll only be too happy to talk you through the options available.

What we can say is there are;

  • Flexible production options
  • Transparent pricing structure with no hidden fees
  • No travel fees within the M25

Why do we offer the free trial?

We are confident that once you’ve enjoyed the use of our 360° virtual tours, promoted them on your facebook page and tweeted about them to all your followers on Twitter – you’ll soon realize how valuable a marketing product they are and you’ll wonder how you ever survived without one before!

Also this is a great opportunity for our company to build up long standing relationships with new customers as the offer demonstrates we’re a trustworthy company with a quality product. Indeed our on-going work for VUE Cinema started life with a handful of trial virtual tours for the Westfield Cinema. The trial proved such a success Panaround were commissioned to produce virtual tours for 10 more cinemas across the country. Here’s what they thought of the service:

“ The free trial proved that Panaround’s virtual tours are excellent marketing products – we now have over 30 virtual tours across 10 cinemas nationwide and are planning to add more in the coming year with Panaround.”

Conferencing Sales Manager – VUE Entertainment

If you like the sound of the trial offer and are keen to investigate even further – feel free to give Panaround a call and we’ll only be too happy to chat.

Get in touch with us on 01689 874963