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What is a virtual tour?

At Panaround we offer a 360° Virtual Tour product, otherwise known as a 360 Panorama or 3D Tour.
Our product is made up of still images stitched carefully together to form one 360° spherical image. This means the end user can take a “Virtual Tour” of a location with an unfettered view of every angle.


Who uses virtual tours?

Panaround Virtual Tours are ideal for pretty much any business that has facilities and locations to showcase. The Internet is such a power resource that to ignore your website as a key marketing platform could be financial suicide. Indeed, studies show that 80% of Internet shoppers say images are imperative when deciding to use a company’s product and services, and websites with a Virtual Tour and interactive media will receive 38% more views than a competitor’s site that is lacking media. (PEW Internet & American Study)

At Panaround we have created University Virtual Tours, School Virtual Tours, Factory Virtual Tours, Property Virtual Tours, Hotel Virtual Tours, Home Virtual Tours, Retail Virtual Tours, Apartment Virtual Tours, Holiday Virtual Tours, Aeroplane Virtual Tours, Car Virtual Tours, Gym Virtual Tours, Restaurant Virtual Tours, Bar Virtual Tours, Nightclub Virtual Tours, Church Virtual Tours, Event Virtual Tours, Stadium Virtual Tours, Showroom Virtual Tours and iPhone Virtual Tours.


How do you create virtual tours?

Every 360° Virtual Tour supplied by Panaround is captured by a professional photographer, ensuring the best quality is always achieved onsite. In post-production our highly skilled multimedia specialists use cutting edge software to design and build the web environment for the Virtual Tour to play within. This means we can create entirely bespoke productions with no job too large or small.



Can you produce virtual tours for the iPhone?

Yes, it is now possible to play a Panaround Virtual Tour on an iPhone. Also with the advance of HTML 5 it will possible to produce virtual tours that can sit directly within the code – doing away with Flash, ensuring seamless functionality with Apple’s mobile devices.


How much does a Panaround virtual tour cost?

We have spent a great deal of time researching the market to guarantee a competitively priced product, and though we are not the cheapest on the market, our pricing structure reflects the premium quality of the product we supply. We also understand that in today’s market, every penny spent needs to be justified in relation to the return on investment.

Once a Virtual Tour has been created and added to your site – it never stops working for you, morning noon and night.

Each project is determined by two factors – whether you require full screen or standard screen-only functionality. Thereafter we factor the number of locations that need capturing and give you a price based on this. We operate with a fully transparent pricing structure, with a package price for the first 6 Virtual Tours and a reduced rate for additional Virtual Tours thereafter.


In what format are Panaround’s virtual tours?

At Panaround we are constantly refining the service to ensure that we supply the finest Virtual Tour accessible to the widest audience. In this respect all our Virtual Tours are currently optimized using FLASH software, this ensures that the majority of Internet users will be able to access the Virtual Tour and view your locations.

Can your virtual tours be viewed offline?

Yes, Virtual Tours can be played from CDROMS and from offline servers making them the perfect presentations tools for seminars and events.